Daniel Craig, Katie Holmes, Hilary Swank, Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Riley Keough. Steven Soderbergh clearly has an effect on people.

This is the second film that seems to have been hiding the fact that it's happening from us and feels like it was made in secret but it looks like it has all the bearings of a runaway summer hit.

Channing Tatum reunites with 'Magic Mike' director Steven Soderbergh and teams up with a stellar cast in 'Logan Lucky', a NASCAR heist movie that also features a bleach-blonde Daniel Craig playing a character called Joe Bang. On the nose, yes, but when it looks this good do you really care?

The official synopsis is simply "Two brothers attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina" and that's pretty much all you need to know.

We can't wait for this.

'Logan Lucky' is set for release in Irish cinemas on August 25th.