Considering how Liam Neeson made the blueprint for middle-aged actors killing people and how he's now given up on that whole schtick, it's heartening to know that Denzel Washington is out there murdering people indiscriminately in his stead.

Really though, if you want to go into The Equalizer 2 blind, you're best not to watch this trailer as it's pretty much giving the entire plot away in one go - even to the point where we're prepared to put money down on there being a twist regarding Pedro Pascal of Narcos fame going rogue and ordering the hit on Denzel's old pal.

We're not basing that on anything other than what we've seen in this trailer, and the fact that any time a partner turns up after many years and someone dies, you look at them. It's like Action Movie Writing 101.

Anyway, The Equalizer 2 hits Irish cinemas on August 17th.