Jeff Nichols is becoming one of those directors that has the kind of career people can only dream about.

At 36, he's already directed one of the biggest actors working today in one of his most critically acclaimed roles; that being Matthew McConaughey in 2012's Mud. Since then, he's been working on Midnight Special.

As Nichols himself describes it, it's an homage to John Carpenter's Starman - an absolutely underrated sci-fi classic with Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen that you should really check out.

Michael Shannon is a father with a child who has unique abilities, the kind the government are keen to get their hands on. So, in an act of desperation, Shannon does his best to flee across the country whilst being pursued by Adam Driver and various military types.

As Nichols said, it's a callback to '80s sci-fi thrillers like Starman, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and more besides.

Take a look.


It's a pretty impressive cast, too.

You've got Michael Shannon and Adam Driver, as we said, Joel Edgerton, Claire Danes, Sam Shepherd, Paul Sparks from House of Cards.

Nichols' next film is Loving, which follows the Loving v. Virginia case about the first interracial couple in America and stars our own Ruth Negga.