I LOVE Mark Ruffalo. I just want to give him a big shnuggle. Not only is he cute, he's also an impressive thespian; he can Hulk out in... The Hulk, he can handle the serious fare in the likes of Shutter Island and then he can be all sweetness and rainbows in 13 Going on 30.

That's the sign of a true actor, one that can do everything. Anyhoo, here he reuintes with Gwyneth Paltrow (not only have they appeared together in the Avengers movie but also in View From The Top, which exercised Gwyneth's rarely seen comedic chops). While it's a rom-com, there's a serious tone underneath; Ruffalo's a sex addict. "Isn't that just something guys say they’re doing when they get caught cheating?" asks Gwyn's character. Russell Brand could probably answer that one for us.

Thanks for Sharing also stars Pink (random), the awesome Tim Robbins (also as a sex addict), Carol Kane and Josn Gad (again, another sex addict) as they struggle to maintain relationships in a world where sex addiction is a very real thing.

What's more, it features Gwyneth Paltrow donned in some pretty impressive suspenders and whatnot, putting on quite the show for Ruffalo who does a good job as the guy trapped in a perpetual state of arousal.