We said it before when we saw the first teaser for Arrival and we're saying it again after watching the full trailer - this has Oscar potential written all over it.

Of course, if there was justice in the world, Sicario would have won SOMETHING in last year's Oscars - but here we are, nevertheless. Based on the compelling sci-fi novella Story Of Your Life, Arrival follows a language expert (Amy Adams) as she attempts to understand the language of an alien race which has landed on Earth.

The trick, however, is getting the people - and governments - of the world to work together to communicate with the alien race before it's too late. Denis Villeneuve is already marking himself out as a director with an incredibly gifted eye for visuals and for storytelling and this is just further proof.

Take a look.


Out of the films that are due in cinemas before the end of the year, it's between this and Rogue One that has us most excited.

Arrival lands in Irish cinemas on November 11th.