Jason Reitman follows up the misunderstood (thanks to some poor marketing) Labor Day with an intriguing looking film, with a pretty fantastic cast. 

The director's work in both Juno and Up in the Air is the kind that will be revisited again and again for years to come. Both superb, the box office reflected that and those films found an audience - as his debut, Thank You For Smoking. While Young Adult and Labor Day didn't find as big an audience, they were Reitman making his kind of films, his way and not falling into any studio bracket. 

Now, in a production that looks tonally to be his most serious work to date, he has Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner and The Fault in our Stars lead Ansel Elgort, headline 'Men, Women and Children', adapted from the novel by Chad Kultgen.

This looks absolutely fantastic, and the promo is very Social Network - not a bad thing by any means.