Football, smootball. We know that all you really care about from last night's Super Bowl is the trailers for this summer's blockbusters, so here they are in all their short but sweet glory.

First up is our second look at Disney's Tomorrowland. Having only had a glimpse of a teaser last year, a lot of Tomorrowland remains shrouded in mystery, but we do know that it stars George Clooney, Britt Robertson, and Hugh Laurie and that they're going to a futuristic world where anything is possible. Considering the movie is set for release in May you'd think we'd have more to go on, but for now that's all we got. That and a link to a website that looks pretty but doesn't really do much.


Pitch Perfect 2 also dropped a TV spot that was notable because it featured the Green Bay Packers, because Super Bowl. And more a capella pop covers and sing offs than you were probably expecting in a 30 second slot.


We also got a look at Furious 7, the seventh installment in the Fast & Furious series, which managed to give away the entire plot of the film in all of 60 seconds (they're getting the gang back together, Jason Statham is a vengeful brother, there's plenty of explosions, cars falling out of the sky and some girl-on-girl fighting. Oh and The Rock has one big ass machine gun). With the tragic death of Paul Walker in November 2013, this will probably be a more emotional affair than we're used to seeing from the series, but we're sure it's still going to deliver as much bang for your buck when it hits cinema screens in April.


And finally we got another look at Jurassic World which now includes pterodactyls snapping up park visitors, plenty of distressed people screaming and dying, Chris Pratt running away from a mutant dinosaur, Chris Pratt doing the play dead thing when hiding from another one, and Chris Pratt training a small squad of velociraptors. Basically it's a Chris Pratt fest, which is in no way a bad thing. June 12th can't come soon enough.