The Duplass brothers, Mark and Jay, signed a four picture deal with Netflix last year and the first of that output will be on our screens soon. 

Blue Jay sees Mark Duplass and The People v OJ Simpson's Sarah Paulson play former high school sweethearts who meet years later.

According to the film's synopsis, it’s been decades since they’ve seen each other: He’s in town to sell his mother’s house after her recent death, while she’s visiting her pregnant sister. A few minutes spent catching up in the grocery store soon stretches into hours, as they quiz each other about their new lives and reminisce about the time they spent together.

The first trailer has been released and it has a very Before Sunset feel to it but through a black and white prism and a blue collar America setting rather than romantic Paris. 

The film is getting a theatrical release in the US from October 7th but should be available to stream on Netflix soon after.

Via Entertainment Weekly