As we reported last month, the insane looking Hardcore Henry looks like it will be the most unique experience you'll get in cinemas this year. 

The film takes on a first person shooter style meaning we see everything the protagonist sees. It's a wildly innovative approach that could be truly awful but from the footage we've seen so far, it just might work. 

The filmmakers have released another 90 second trailer which includes some fresh set pieces and guarantees that the film will be an assault on the viewers' senses. 

The plot of the movie is that our hero, Henry, wakes up to find that he's a cyborg, brought back from the dead by his scientist wife Estelle (Haley Bennett). He’s soon under attack from Akan (Danila Kozlovsky) and his henchmen. They kidnap Estelle as part of Akan's megalomaniacal plan. The only thing for it is for Henry to get her back by battling through a seemingly endless army of mercenaries through the unfamiliar city of Moscow. His only ally (or at least we think he's an ally) is the quirky Jimmy (Sharlto Copley), who will try to help him figure out his new found cyborg abilities.

Hardcore Henry will be released in Irish cinemas on April 8th.