Live at the Marquee supported by Vodafone Centre Stage are set for another are teaming up again for yet another amazingly diverse spread of entertainment, genres and bands in the Rebel County from June 7th.

With everything from Pixies to Lord of the Dance on the Live at the Marquee bill for 2016, there is something for everyone by the River Lee between June 7th and July 14th.

With that in mind, we've chosen ten of the best songs that you can expect to hear at this year's event – and why you should listen to them.

1. PIXIES – '

There's no doubt about it: Pixies are officially icons of indie-rock. Black Francis and co. have any number of incredible, influential tracks to choose from, but sometimes you have to go with the most obvious. The opening track of the Boston band's second album 'Doolittle' (1989), it still sounds as fresh and as vital as ever, 27 years later.


2. SIMPLY RED – 'Fairground'

He may have become the butt of 'Ed Sheeran's dad' memes in recent years, but Mick Hucknall has the last laugh as the band he formed in 1985 has sold a whopping 50+ million albums worldwide. Over the last three decades, Simply Red have successfully incorporated soul, jazz and rock into their trademark pop sound – and also, as heard on this track, even a touch of dance.


3. SLAYER – 'Raining Blood'

There's a definite theme to this year's Live at the Marquee programme, with stalwarts of every genre showing the kids how it's done. When it comes to metal, it's hard to argue against Slayer's impact on the genre. Since the early 1980s, the band have pushed boundaries and influenced dozens of bands, making them one of metal's 'Big Four' alongside Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth. As this song attests to, this gig is gonna be loud.


4. THE CORRS – 'So Young'

You may laugh, but The Corrs are one of Irish music's most famous exports... ever. The Dundalk siblings returned last year with their comeback album 'White Light', but you can't beat a tune from their stadium-conquering heyday – like this one, from 1997's multi-million-selling 'Talk on Corners'.


5. DON HENLEY – 'The Boys of Summer'

It's been 16 years since Don Henley visited our shores for a solo gig; to be fair to him, he's been a busy man. The voice of Eagles songs like 'Desperado' and 'Hotel California', you can expect to hear a healthy smattering of tunes from the back catalogue of one of the biggest bands of all time – as well as gems like this 1984 number.


6. CHIC – 'Good Times'

It's no secret that Chic have found a niche in Irish Festival Land; Nile Rodgers and co. know that they can return every summer, and they'll be welcomed back with open arms. And why wouldn't they, with songs like this in their canon? One of the most fun bands you'll see, Good Times are guaranteed whenever the disco pioneers hit the stage.


7. IMELDA MAY – 'Johnny Got a Boom Boom'

She's four albums deep into her career, but it still feels like Imelda May only landed on our proverbial doorsteps yesterday, with her rockabilly quiff and her leopardskin suitcase in tow. The Dubliner revolutionised modern rockabilly pop without compromising on her love for the genre, and the result was little bangers like this tune – which deservedly launched her into the mainstream.


8. FOALS – 'Cassius'

They have become one of the UK's biggest and most influential contemporary indie bands, capable of filling arenas and making grand artistic statements with each album release – but if you strip the pretension that Foals gleefully swaddle themselves in, you've got a band eminently capable of writing fantastic songs like the taut, coiled bounce of 'Cassius', taken from their 2008 debut 'Antidotes'.


9. TOM JONES – 'It's Not Unusual'

He's not called a living legend for nothing, you know. Heck, even Elvis Presley himself thought so when the pair became friends back in the '60s. Now 75, the Voice from the Valleys is still going strong and is still more than capable of putting on a fantastic live show. It helps, of course, when you've got tracks like this timeless pop classic in the bag.


'Black Magic'

The memories of X Factor continue to fade into the distance for this girl band, whose stature in the States continues to grow off the back of perky little pop numbers like this one. In the space of five years, they've had three albums go platinum, collaborated with some big names and even survived the fallout from having an ex-boyfriend in One Direction. Girl Power, indeed.


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