If you're a dog owner or even just a dog lover, you'll be aware at how much those little furry four-legged creatures can capture our hearts.

And just because you're a celebrity with a busy schedule, that doesn't make it any easier when a dog that has become part of your family passes away.

Lorde has written an open letter to fans explaining that her forthcoming third album has been delayed after the death of her beloved dog, Pearl, who she adopted last year.

"To my friends, I'm writing this letter to you because it's always been my intention to be transparent with you about my life and what happens to me," she wrote, explaining why she had been so quiet in recent times. "I’ve been working away on the new songs for most of this year in New Zealand. It’s been going pretty well, but something happened last month that I need to tell you about.”

Revealing that she had 'spent almost all our time alone together' during the writing process, she said that she realised the dog was sick and "rushed him to the specialists."

"Pearl had two cardiac arrests about an hour apart, and after the second one, he died,” she wrote. “I was holding him when he went, and I know he knew that I was there. But this loss has been indescribably painful, and a light that was turned on for me has gone out.”

Read the full letter below:

It's not the first time that the death of a pet has disrupted the plans of a musician; Fiona Apple cancelled a tour several years ago to care for her dying dog.