A college graduation is always a big deal - but when the guitarist from the world's biggest rock band turns up to congratulate you on your degree, it's definitely that little bit more special.

U2's The Edge surprised students when he turned up to give a speech at the graduation ceremony of music college BIMM Dublin the other day - only the college's second-ever graduation ceremony since it opened its doors several years ago - giving them a day to remember.

He had some wise words to impart to those embarking on a professional music career, most notably: "When we [U2] were in school, we managed to benefit from the tuition of great music teachers. We maintain a strong belief in the idea of music education and that's why we co-founded Music Generation. BIMM Dublin is such a cool thing, and I'm delighted to be here and support what I think is incredibly useful and helpful for the rock 'n' roll scene in Dublin."

He added: "Success can be many different things, and everyone's definition is going to be different. If you try too hard to please the world will lose interest. They best way to becoming commercially successful is to ignore the world and concentrate on the work. I'm sure it feels like you still have a lot to prove, but you've already succeeded. You're here, you've graduated, you live in Ireland, and I look forward to seeing you down the road!"

The ceremony also included a performance by All Tvvins, whose drummer Lewis Hedigan is a final-year student at the college.

See pics via Ruth Medjber below: