'Lost In Space' was, in our opinion, one of Netflix's most underrated shows and could easily stand alongside mainstays like 'Star Trek: Discovery' or 'The Expanse'.

In fact, compared to both of these shows, 'Lost In Space' had a lot more going for it than people either gave credit for or even recognised. The second season has been a long time coming, and at long last, an air date has been confirmed for December 24th - that's Christmas Eve - of this year.

The finale of the first season saw the Robinsons transported to another galaxy altogether and a sign from the robot appeared on the alien planet they landed on. In short, it was totally set up for another season from there.

The new season follows up on that, with the first teaser focusing on Will Robinson's search for the robot, as well as all the wondrous things they've found in this new galaxy - aliens, fish in space, who knows what - and a classic song turned into epic trailer music.

In short, it's the kind of big-budget sci-fi blockbuster that is perfect for the Christmas period. Take a look.