There's plenty on offer in the cinemas this weekend with new releases including 'Bombshell', 'Just Mercy', 'Bad Boys For Life', 'A Hidden Life' and 'Waves'.  But there's good news if you're staying in too as Netflix is adding a whole bunch of new content.

Here are our picks of the best new movies and TV series on Netflix this weekend.


Sex Education Season 2 (Friday 17th January)

'Sex Education', about a socially awkward teenager Otis (Asa Butterfield) who sets up a sex clinic at school to offer advice to students, will have a second coming this weekend. This time round, Otis has a new girlfriend, Ola (Patricia Allison), and strained relationship with Maeve (Emma Mackey), who realises she has feelings for Otis. His mum Jean (Gillian Anderson) is now dating Ola's dad Jakob (Mikael Persbrandt), so that's a bit weird.

Check out our interviews with the cast below.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 14 (Sunday 19th January)

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' is always a hoot and after premiering in the US last September, season 14 finally arrives on Netflix this Sunday. The series follows a group of five selfish underachievers who plot against each other as they share ownership of a decripid Irish Bar. The schemes they get up to in this season prove as bonkers as ever.


Darkest Hour (Saturday 18th January)

'Darkest Hour' follows British Prime Minister Winston Churchill as he debates whether to wage war or negotiate with Adolf Hitler. Garry Oldman is impressively physically transformed for the role and he earned the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance. While not always historically accurate, it makes for a compelling drama and there are great supports in Lily James and Kristin Scott Thomas among others.


Phantom Thread (Saturday 18th January)

'Phantom Thread' is a strange, surreal and hypnotic movie. It's also incredibly beautiful between the lavish costume and production design, and the striking and painterly cinematography. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (so you know you're in for something unique), it marks Daniel Day-Lewis final performance - and sixth Oscar nomination. In it, he plays a fashion designer who becomes enthralled with a waitress named Alma (Vicky Krieps). She quickly becomes his muse.


Fifty Shades Freed (Saturday 18th January)

Now, hear us out about this one. By no means are we saying that 'Fifty Shades Freed' is a good movie. Its atrociousness goes without saying. The entire 'Fifty Shades' trilogy is terrible and we hope to God nobody actually takes them seriously as #relationshipgoals. But it's also so dumb it's quite amusing. And it's the ultimate movie to switch off your brain too if that's what you're looking for this weekend.