Whether it's superheroes smashing the snot out of each-other or singletons looking for love in Majorca, there's a title for you to tune into this weekend.

Hey ho, let's go get ready for the long weekend! In case the weather takes a turn and you find yourself stuck indoors wondering what to watch, throw on one (or all) of these TV picks for the June Bank Holiday weekend.

'The Boys' Season Three | Prime Video

It's been long overdue, but 'The Boys' and their debauchery are finally back in town. But what can fans of the gross, over-the-top, shocking, and downright diabolical series expect this time around? Well, pretty much all of the above with an extra added bonus: Jensen Ackles. The 'Supernatural' alum makes his debut as Soldier Boy, the original Supe.

'Dual' | Sky Cinema & NOW Cinema

Karen Gillen leads this new and rather disturbing Sky Original, which sees her character clone herself after learning she is dying. As you might imagine, after watching 'Black Mirror' or any sci-fi movie about AI or aliens, not everything goes exactly to plan. A little bit weird and wonderful, 'Dual' also stars Aaron Paul and Theo James.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' Final | Virgin Media One

The biggest talent show on TV returned very recently, showcasing the best and widest variety of acts Great Britain has to offer in 2022. Various lockdowns proved to be an exciting opportunity for people to hone their skills, or pick up a new one, so get ready for one of the talented bunch win £250,000 at this year's grand finale on Sunday night from 7.30 pm.

'Fire Island' | Disney+

With June being Pride Month, expect to see all kinds of rainbow flags sprouting up in very unexpected places for the next four weeks. June also means that a flurry of new LGBTQ+ titles are hitting our screens, and one new Disney+ release is 'Fire Island' starring Bowen Yang and Joel Kim Booster. While it might not reinvent the wheel, or give an accurate portrayal of the community, it is a decent attempt at being a gay 'Pride and Prejudice', so we're here for it.

'The Matrix Resurrections' | Sky Cinema & NOW Cinema

One of the biggest cinematic releases of late last year is finally available to all Sky and NOW Cinema subscribers. The fourth entry in the sprawling franchise sees Neo (Keanu Reeves) follow the white rabbit for one final time. Introducing us to some impressive new characters, and re-introducing some that we've known for years, the sequel is the sci-fi treat fans have been waiting all of these years for.

'Physical' Season Two | Apple TV+

All together now - "Let's get physical, physical..." Yep, Rose Byrne and her '80s get-up has gotten itself a fabulous upgrade just in time for season two of the under-the-radar Apple TV+ dramedy. This time around, Sheila's aerobics business is beginning to boom - but there are some people in her way that look like they're about to scupper her chances at success.

'Love Island' | Virgin Media Two

And finally, what would an Irish and UK summer look like if we didn't have some reality TV show wannabes struggle to find love for eight+ weeks on the box? There are 11 new contestants set to enter the spanking new 'Love Island' villa on Monday night at 9 pm - and this year, things are getting a major shake-up in terms of who gets to decide on the first couples. Pass us the suncream, because we're burning up in anticipation.