It turns out that for one of its pivotal scenes, 'Loki' drew from an animated classic.

We're referring to the original 'Toy Story', which hit cinemas back in 1995. It has inspired sequels, shorts and other multimedia - as well as an immensely successful actual toy line - since.

Turns out the CGI animated feature continues to inspire.

'Loki' creator Michael Waldron revealed that an emotional scene in the show's first episode was inspired by a moment in 'Toy Story'.

The 'Loki' scene is when the titular character watches a video file of his future self being killed by Thanos.

The audience would have seen this in the opening of 'Avengers: Infinity War'.

But of course this Loki hasn't experienced anything beyond the events of the first 'Avengers' movie.

Waldron compared the scene to a similarly emotional and revelatory moment for Buzz Lightyear in his first movie outing.

"For Loki to see how his life and death plays out, we talked about how in Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear finally learns and comes to grips with the fact that he is, in fact, a toy, when he sees that commercial, and just what a humbling experience that is," Waldron told IGN.

Re-watch the scene here.

Waldron continued: "And that’s the thing that can finally take the bluster out of [Loki], realising 'Wow, I was never actually in control the way that I thought I was.'

"That's why we wanted Loki to see that, and I think we also knew it would be really emotional and impactful, and Tom [Hiddleston] would do a great job with it."

'Loki' airs new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.