Arriving just in time for the Halloween season, 'The Babysitter' is penned by Brian Duffield ('Insurgent', 'Jane Got a Gun') and directed by McG ('Charlie’s Angels', 'Terminator Salvation') could either be the biggest pile of crap or an actual piece of batshit brilliance.

Taking the horror trope and turning it on its head is by no means a new thing (see 'The Cabin in the Woods', 'The Final Girls' and 'American Horror Story') but Netflix's new film takes the pretty people and turns them into the villain as the babysitter and her band of high-school stereotypes plot to murder the kid she's babysitting in a ritual sacrifice and that's when things get messy.

The chances of this being a hit or a miss are about 50/50 but seeing as it's debuting on Netflix, you won't have to feel bad about switching off if it's a stinker.

'The Babysitter' arrives on Netflix on Friday October 13th.