First, it was Sallins to Heuston - now it's Limerick to Pearse Street.

You may recall how a dog managed to sneak aboard a train on his own and travel to Heuston Station from Sallins. That dog, who was eventually reunited with his owner, captured the nation's heart. This time, however, it's a little bit more of the same - but different.

According to the Garda Twitter account, a cross terrier was handed in at Pearse Street Garda Station. All normal so far, right?

The dog somehow made his way onto a bus that left University of Limerick's campus this morning at 6AM. That's right - the dog just decided to go on a road-trip to Dublin because he's so cute and nobody can say no to a cute little furry chap like this.

Going by Google Maps, you're talking about a trip of close to nearly three hours and a distance of just under 200 kilometres.  Per Gardai, the pooch - named Bitz, which is just adorable - has since been reunited with his owner and is on his way back to Limerick, where his owner missed him dearly.

All ends well, but seriously, what is it with dogs in this country just using public transport alone and unaccompanied?