Alicia Silverstone, who is best-known for 'Clueless' and currently stars in '70s-set TV series 'American Woman', has revealed why she has Donald Trump’s number saved on her phone.

The actress appeared on Stephen Colbert’s talk show last night and as well as talking about veganism and her new show, Colbert asked her about her stint as eco advisor to the American President.

She explains that about ten years ago, she "was on one of the other talk shows in the daytime talking about solar panels and silk milk... and he said he was really interested and we exchanged numbers so that we could continue this conversation about solar panels. So I met with him."

Silverstone explained that it "was worth it to take the meeting because if I could get him to have every building have solar panels on it, wouldn't that be a great accomplishment."

She added that she was willing to "take one for the team" before laughing and stressing that she was "joking."

Silverstone continued: "I sat down with him and we had a lovely conversation. He was very charming and very kind and we talked about it all. He was very concerned about the financial aspect of it and at that time they were quite expensively so ultimately I think that he chose not to put solar panels on his building as far as I know, maybe he has.

"Anyway, that’s what happened with Donald and I – that’s ALL that happened with Donald and I!"

You can watch the interview from Colbert’s show below:


While on the road promoting 'American Woman', the actress also appeared as Cher from 'Clueless' for 'Lip Sync Battle'.