I know. And they seemed so happy together... Ah no, in all seriousness, there had been a few rumblings that Amber wasn't entirely happy with the relationship after Depp's ropy appearance at the Hollywood Film Awards back in 2014. Maybe the strain of the whole dog smuggling fiasco was just too much after all. 

Seemingly the 30-year-old actress filed for divorce on Monday May 23rd citing "irreconcilable differences" (that ole chestnut) as the reason for their split. Obviously TMZ were the first to break the story after they obtained the documents in question. Seemingly Amber is asking for spousal support, a request Depp has reportedly asked his lawyer to reject this claim. The couple never signed a pre-nup.

Depp gave plaudits to his wife of 15 months when making a speech at Palm Springs International Film Festival back in January, saying: “I also have to thank my wife, Amber, for putting up with me, for living with all these characters, which can’t be easy... It’s hard for me - it’s got to be hard for her." Somewhere, Vanessa Paradis is thanking herself for only getting them a toaster.

Things are invariably a whirlwind for Depp at the moment; his mother died on May 20th, his wife files for divorce on May 23rd, and he's got all this PR for Alice Through The Looking Glass to contend with.