She's been in the industry long enough to call a spade a spade, and that's exactly what Anjelica Huston did during an explosive interview with journalist Andrew Goldman of

The 67-year-old actress was promoting 'John Wick: Chapter 3', in which she has a small role. However, the conversation ranged from growing up as part of the famous Huston film dynasty in Hollywood, her relationships with Jack Nicholson, Ryan O'Neal and others, and a lot more. It's undoubtedly the best celebrity interview you'll have read in a long time.

She has also generated controversy for her thoughts on the #MeToo movement, which some considered dismissive. She also spoke about Roman Polanski and said that she would work with Woody Allen again "in a second".

See below for the best bits (some of which have been slightly edited for this article)...

On her father John Huston's drinking:

"I don’t think he was an alcoholic, but he was someone who liked his drink at the end of the day. Is that an alcoholic? I’ve never known. To an AA-er, he was probably an alcoholic. For an Irishman, he was a drinker."

On her former long-term partner Jack Nicholson's 'functional' use of cocaine:

"He was never a guzzler. I think Jack sort of used it, probably like Freud did, in a rather smart way. Jack always had a bit of a problem with physical lethargy. He was tired, and I think probably, at a certain age, a little bump would cheer him up. Like espresso."

On Oprah Winfrey giving her the cold shoulder after she beat her to 'Best Actress' at the Oscars:

"She never had me on her show, ever. She won’t talk to me. The only encounter I’ve had with Oprah was when I was at a party for the Academy Awards, a private residence. I was talking to Clint Eastwood, and she literally came between us with her back to me. So all of the sudden I was confronted with the back of Oprah’s head."

On working with the 'difficult' Eddie Murphy on 'Daddy Day Care':

"Well, if you’re playing all seven parts in your own movie, you probably get a little delusional."

On being less financially secure than people may think she is:

"When my husband died, I was left with no money, less than no money. I always thought how great it would be to be a woman of leisure — you could do exactly what you wanted. But I have to work, I have to stay with it. I’ve never really been able to sit back."

On her abusive relationship with Ryan O'Neal and how she feels about him these days:

"It’s the opposite of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'. They become what is inside.... And I think you also get the face you deserve. Have you seen it lately?"

On why Nicholson shouldn't sink to the depths that some actors of his calibre have:

"If he’s not being offered anything as delicious as he has done in his past, why would he?.... Also in terms of the work that’s out there, what are they going to give him, The Bucket List? That’s an insult. I told him, you don’t have to do The Bucket List stuff. Why don’t you play a great villain?.... I don’t want to see Jack doing Meet the Fockers."

You can read the full interview here.