For those of us stuck indoors these days (all of us) while the sun shines through our windows, a little ray of sunshine has crossed our paths today that will give you all of the cuteness feels.

We've all seen the videos of various people attempting and failing at trying to exercise while at home, and their pets keep getting in the way and wanting to take part in the action. However, have you seen this video of the doggie doing yoga with his owner? We thought not.

In the video below, uploaded by Italian Nic Bello, we see the dog owner doing a spot of yoga indoors, while his canine chum is next to him following along. It's awful cute, and is sure to perk you up. Just look at those stretches.

Using Google Translate, the text in the Instagram post reads: "Yoga with time with a cute chihuahua. 

"In these quarantine days our yoga video is shooting all over Italy. Maybe there is a need to smile a little and exercise from home!"

Here's the full video of the doggie doing yoga with his owner, which is an oldie but a goodie.