"I was so attracted to our next guest, I even married him! Yeah! 'Cus that's what you do!"

Former married couple Drew Barrymore and Tom Green have reunited for the first time in 15 years, with the comedian appearing on the actress' new TV show 'The Drew Barrymore Show'. And it's fair to say that the pair's reunion was quite emotional for everyone involved, including for viewers.

Barrymore's second husband, whom she was married to from 2001 to 2002, revealed on the show that this was the first time they'd spoken face-to-face in 15 years. And they did it all while on live TV, and while Green was holding his new doggie (aptly named Charlie).

Green is well-known in Hollywood for his role in 'Road Trip', but it was his involvement in 'Charlie's Angels' that saw the pair meet for the first time. The interview is basically a trip down memory lane for the pair of them, recounting first dates, how they're both animal lovers, and also how much they appreciate each-other now in this situation. Both appear visibly emotional throughout the encounter, and it makes for such wholesome viewing.

Following the interview, Green tweeted his reaction to being part of the show, saying: "This was such a nice experience today. It felt good to chat with Drew again for the first time in 15 years. And on national TV!

"Life is strange sometimes but in this case it was also quite sweet. Best of luck with the show Drew! You deserve it. [Smiley face]"

Here's the full Drew Barrymore and Tom Green interview for you.