Rihanna's extrovert sexualised image has gone too far for one Dublin individual, who has decided to give the singer some modesty by stapling fabric over her suggestive/bleedin' obviously sexual posters hanging around Dublin.

The concert posters for Rihanna's 'Diamonds' tour shows the singer topless and staring into the camera with only her arms covering her breasts. Provocative but hardly an unforeseeable move by the chart-topper who sings about S&M.

Twitter user Paul Duane spotted one of the posters on Dublin’s Church Street and since then the tweeted photo has gone viral.He tweeted: "Somebody has stapled a dress on to this Rihanna poster on Church St. Well done, you complete nutcase". That pretty much sums it up. Other users also began noticing other posters in the city had a similar new dressing. Maybe that enraged farmer who scolded her for her 'We Found Love' apparel is on another rampage.The time and effort alone that went into this deserves a mini clap, even if it is nuts.