Ellie Goulding and Jeremy Irvine got papped getting all smoochy at the Brit Awards after-party last night, pretty much outing their all but confirmed relationship, putting Irvine's officially off the market. Queue teenage girls everywhere crying into their pillows and stabbing pictures of Ellie Goulding.

Having been linked since last November, there was never any public displays between the two that were concrete evidence until now. They first crossed paths when Irvine featured in Goulding's video for 'I Know You Care' which was used in his film 'Now Is Good', just after Ellie split up with Skrillex (which we still can't understand the attraction to). Having spent last night enjoying the ample amounts of free booze and the company of Mumford and Sons, Mrs. Mumford Carrie Mulligan and Taylor Swift, we're even more jealous. Where's our swanky afterparty? This one actually looked like fun for once.