It really does speak to a basic human decency when someone is unable to perform, but feels duty-bound to give an audience something for showing up, and that's exactly what happened with Sir Ian McKellen at a performance at the Duke Of York's Theatre yesterday afternoon.

The veteran actor injured himself while attempting to catch a train on his way to London yesterday and was, sadly, unable to perform 'King Lear' for a packed auditorium later that day. So, rather than simply cancel the show and leave everyone out of pocket for their time, McKellen decides to hold an impromptu Q&A with the audience and speak fondly of his love for theatre and Shakespeare.

On top of that, McKellen also gave his opinion on actors using microphones in theatre (doesn't approve) and advice to young actors starting out (don't do it), as well as rattling off a few scenes from 'Lord Of The Rings' off the top of his head.

The whole event went on for about an hour, with McKellen taking a bow from a standing ovation from both the audience and the actors at the wings of the stage. That, right there, is an example of genuine class.