Sheryl Crow says Lance Armstrong has 'zero relevance' to her life.

The singer was briefly engaged to the now disgraced pro cyclist - who was banned from cycling and stripped of his seven gold medals after admitting to doping - before they called things off in 2006, but she insists she has put the memories of their relationship firmly behind her.

Speaking on CNN's 'Piers Morgan Live', Sheryl said: 'It has such little relevance to my life right now - in fact, zero relevance. I watch it kind of like everybody else is watching it. I watched a little bit of the first interview [with Oprah Winfrey] and I have such a big detachment from it that I probably feel the same as everyone else. I haven't seen him in years. It feels like a lifetime ago, honestly.'

The country musician - who has adoptive sons Wyatt, six, and Levi, three - is irked by her reputation as one of the 'most dumped' celebrities and believes her focus on her career is what has made it hard to hold down a relationship.

Sheryl explained: 'I've read a couple of times that Jennifer Aniston and I, the two of us have been dumped more than any two people, but it's not true. I don't like my private life to be for public consumption. But I will tell you one thing: I take credit for some of the demises. It's difficult to date a woman who's strong, and who runs a business, and who's done a lot.'

The 'If It Makes You Happy' songstress isn't worried about being single aged 51 and still believes she can find true love.

She added: 'I would love to get married. It was not exactly the way I thought my life was going to be. You know, I'm from a family where my parents are still married and close, and they have a good relationship, so I have a good example of what a loving relationship looked like. I've had a real rock star life where I've been on the road for a long time. I love what I do. I've had some really exciting love affairs.'