Last week, Calvin 'Adam Wiles' Harris was involved in a car crash in LA which resulted in him being admitted to hospital and cancelling shows. 

Members of his team issued a brief statement on his official Facebook page. They did not comment on the extent of Harris injuries but said that a gig, scheduled for today, would not be taking place as he has been ordered by doctors to rest. The gig was due to take place in San Diego. 

Needless to say, all his fans have wished him a 'SWIFT' recovery (I can't take credit for that one, that all goes to one Andrew Blank), and it seems he's on the mend, if a little on the contemplative side - which is bound to happen when you're involved in a car crash. 

Posting to twitter in the last hour, he said...

According to The Mirror: "While the DJ is thought to have escaped with just the cut to his face, it was claimed one of the passengers in the VW Bug was 'ejected' from the car. She is thought to have suffered a broken pelvis, and was treated in hospital along with the driver."