A Boeing 737 hit a bird as it was landing recently, and the amount of damage done to it was pretty startling.

The flight, which was a domestic one for Turkish Airlines which was travelling from Istanbul to NevÅŸehir this past Tuesday, collided with the creature as it was headed towards the runway, and it smashed straight into the nose cone.

While most of us would think that would cause minimal damage, the reality was something totally different, where it appeared as though the entire nose of the plane had completely smashed in. Thankfully, none of the 125 passengers on board were injured. 

According to a spokesperson for Turkish Airlines, this is not a freak event, as they told Mashable that the nose of a plane is made of "soft materials (composit) to minimalize the impact of such hits. Therefore, such standard/normal deformation occurs as a natural result of such incidents". Basically, it's all soft so this wan't some sort of giant, mutant bird that could devour us all. 

In that case, they can probably just hammer it out.

Via Mashable