If America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, Australia is the land of the deadly and home of the really f*cking stupid ideas.

Dutch tourist Cynthia Spaan learned this the hard way after becoming trapped in a perspex tube dubbed the 'Cage of Death' suspended above a pool with two crocodiles in it at a tourist attraction in Darwin.

The 'Cage', a feature at 'Crocosaurus Cove', is usually lowered into the pool and allows visitors to see the crocs up close and personal but became stuck yesterday, with Spaan trapped inside for half an hour while the two crocodiles, lovingly named William and Kate after the royal couple.

Talking to ABC News, Spaan said: "In the beginning I thought it was really funny because I really wanted to do the cage dive so it was kind of OK. But after five minutes I started a little bit freaking out, because I'm a little bit claustrophobic." Power tools then had to be used to get the top off the cage and a ladder lowered for Spaan to get out.

The best/worst part of all this is that it's not the first time there's been an incident with the 'Cage'. In 2011, the cable suspending the cylinder broke and two people plunged into the pool inside it before being pulled to safety.

Some day that 'Cage' is going to live up to its name.

Via Mashable/Twitter