A new survey by Ipsos MRBI and Irish Times has confirmed that a vast majority of Irish people - 64% - are happy for Michael D. Higgins to continue as our President.

The survey asked 1,200 Irish voters about whether or not they'd be happy with the noted Bob Dylan fan, with only 29% of people disagreeing that he should remain in office. What's more, of the 64% who were happy to see him in a second term, just 32% believed he should face an election whilst the rest believed he should be return unopposed.

Look at him, for God's sake.

Can you imagine anyone disagreeing with this man? He has two gigantic Bernese mountain dogs, he wrote a poem about a donkey once and he supports local Irish football. We should be thankful he's even arsed being President, never mind forcing him to stand in an election.

What was the alternatives the last time? Dana? That bald guy from Dragon's Den? Who will it be this time? The Happy Pear Twins? George Hook?!

We can't take that chance, folks.


Via Irish Times