Faulty PA systems really make Adam Levine angry. Angry to the point of hopping his mic off the stage floor causing it to rebound into a fan's face. Despite this glitch in his programme, normal functioning promptly resumed with Levine (quite literally) dragging the poor girl up on stage before delivering the following speech:

"Our first album came out in 2002, not one time in the history of our band's career - which I can barely even believe exists (at least he said it) - not one time has the P.A. failed," Levine said. "Not one time, until tonight. In my flustered state, I might have thrown my microphone on the ground and then it might have bounced off of the ground, into poor, sweet Stephanie’s face... I felt so utterly terribly that I had perhaps wounded this young fan... So I brought her on stage. She is now enjoying the concert from the side of the stage, as she should be. What we're gonna do is, we're just gonna pretend that none of that happened."

Speaking with CityNews, Canadian Stephanie Green gushed that, despite getting clocked in the head with a deathly missile at the hands of a frustrated pop star and opting to sit stage side instead of suing for millions: "It's just literally the best day. My dream come true. I never thought in a million years this would happen to me." High hopes, people. High hopes.

Then she added "I was on stage, back and forth, freaking out... he hugged me…grabbed face, held my hands!" Probably checking for concussion, which is thorough - but mandatory given TMZ have a pic of the resulting bump.