We're no animal experts (otherwise we'd probably be veterinarians or something) but this is pretty darn amazing.

Getting stuck in the bear enclosure at the zoo is a place you don't want to be (something that Anchorman taught us), and it's most definitely a bad place if you find yourself about to drown, as one poor crow in a zoo in Hungary did recently. 

At the Budapest Zoo however, it seems there's at least one bear who's much more interested in eating apples than eating crows, as s/he spotted the bird in distress in the enclosure's pool and reached in to pull him to safety. We recommend that you play this piece of music as you watch it all unfold

Now, the cynic in us would dare to suggest that the bear thought s/he was fishing for a much tastier snack than a crow, and then went off to eat their apples in disappointment, but for now we'll stick to the narrative that this bear is called Gentle Ben, and should be awarded some sort of medal, or a Blue Peter badge at the absolute minimum.

As for the crow (who we're going to call Frank) bar being terribly confused after the whole thing, he sat there for a while, gathering his thoughts, and perhaps contemplating how close he had come to death, only to be saved in the most unlikely of circumstances. Perhaps even his whole life flashed in front of his beady eyes; from the early regurgitated feedings of his mother to the time that he eventually left, the last of the chicks to have flown the nest, with a tear in his eye. 'Don't look back, Frank' he thought, as he flew off, '...just don't look back'.

Anyway, clearly the two are best friends now, and are working on a re-boot of the Jungle Book series.