As Britain is wakes up to a hung parliament and everyone making the same joke (while simultaneously googling 'what happens in a hung parliament?'), the internet has found some new heroes amongst the mess. No, not Jeremy Corbyn. These guys.

Two candidates running under 'Lord Buckethead' and 'Mr Fish Finger' have captured the hearts of the internet by running alongside the biggest hitters in British politics all for the sake of making things a bit silly.

Lord Buckethead ran in the same constituency as Theresa May and while she won comfortably, he still managed to get 249 votes which is worth it for this reaction alone.

Meanwhile, in Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron's constituency,  Mr Fish Finger caused a stir with 309 votes which wasn't enough to make any impact but did open up this opportunity for some epic photobombing during Farron's victory speech.

If only Irish politics was this ridiculous.

Oh wait...