If we're resigned to the fact that we're going to have to deal with four years of President Donald Trump (and we're still not 100% there), at least knowing there could be a President Joe Biden and the end could get us through it.

Current Vice President of the United States Joe Biden made his first post-election talk show appearance on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' last night and, of course, the election was the most pressing thing on everyone's minds.

Old Joe doesn't want you to be worried though, telling Colbert and the audience "This terrible feeling you’re having right now, it’s not permanent. It’ll be over in four years — maybe eight."

And while that isn't the most reassuring thought, he then continued by saying "I don’t plan on running again, but to say you know it’s going to happen in four years I just think is not rational."

"That," Colbert observed, "is the sound of a door creaking open."

"I can’t see the circumstance in which I’d run, but what I learned a long, long time ago, Stephen, is to never say never," Biden then replied.

"You don’t know what’s going to happen. Hell, Donald Trump’s going to be 74, I’ll be 77 — and in better shape. What the heck?"

Come on Joe, do it for the memes.