If 'all black everything' is your dream wardrobe well then listen up because there's a new black in town and it's claiming to be the blackest black ever.

Phoebe Heess and Gabriel Platt are the founders of German fashion label Phoebe Heess and have come up with a new black that they say is blacker than any fabric ever before. It's name? Viperblack, and the reason behind it is science and snakes.

The fashion duo were inspired by NASA's creation of a super-black material and other industrial attempts at making the blackest fabric ever, and looked to nature and animals who are naturally black and came across the Gaboon Viper which uses ultra-black scales to camouflage itself. They then worked with tech experts to replicate the snake's scales and colour in a fabric that people could and would actually wear before going and making the clothes themselves.

The project, which has already reached its goal on Kickstarter, lets you buy a t-shirt in the Viperblack fabric for a mere €69, but you won't get your hands on it until March 2016.

Now all they need to invent is a black fabric that changes how black it is to match the other black clothes that you're wearing, because as any person who wears all black everything knows, the only thing worse than having to wear non-black is getting outside and realising that your blacks don't match.

The struggle is real.

Via Mashable