We got a chance to chat to Irish actress Angeline Ball about her role in the new Irish comedy movie 'Deadly Cuts'.

Angeline Ball also reflected on the legacy of 'The Commitments', which featured her breakout role, thirty years on from its premiere.

She also stars in the upcoming RTÉ drama 'Hidden Assets', which was filmed in Clare and was written by Peter McKenna and Morna Regan.

The six-part series is about family, power and the corrosive effects of boundless greed.

A description of the show reads: "A routine raid sees the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) expose a link between a wealthy Irish family, a stash of rough diamonds and a series of deadly bombings in Belgium.

"But nothing is as it seems, as by-the-book Belgian Chief Inspector Christian De Jong (Hendrickx) and CAB Detective Emer Berry (Ball) are thrown together in a heart-pounding race to halt a further horrifying terror attack in Antwerp."

Angeline Ball leads the cast and Wouter Hendrickx, Simone Kirby and Peter Coonan co-star.

Comparing leading the series to being in an ensemble like 'Deadly Cuts', she tells us: "I've just done something for RTÉ called 'Hidden Assets' and dare I say, I was the lead in that. And that can be quite isolating.

"It's a great job again, I loved it. But it's pretty intense when you are in nearly every day, filming every scene, every day. Towards the end of it, when we were filming in Ireland, that's what it was for me.

"So it's really nice to do an ensemble piece [like 'Deadly Cuts'] because it takes the pressure off and everybody gets their 5 minutes, or you're not in tomorrow.

"When it's on your shoulders, you feel the responsibility, whereas in an ensemble piece, it's spread around and shared more."

She added that she "likes changing and switching it up": "I like doing everything because I bore myself. I like a challenge.

"I think if I was to only play ensemble, I'd hate that, and then if I was only playing leads, solo, alone, I'd hate that... For me, that's the excitement."

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