Another day, another TV remake of a classic movie announcement. 

Following on from yesterday's news about Snatch, today comes a report from Empire that our own Chris O'Dowd has signed on to star in the TV remake of the 1995 John Travolta comedy, Get Shorty.

O'Dowd will be joined by Ray Romano in the series that is said to draw from both the original movie and Elmore Leonard's source novel. The story will follow Miles Daly (O'Dowd), an enforcer for a murderous Nevada crime ring. He tries leave that life behind for the sake of his daughter, and opts to become a movie producer, laundering ill-gotten gains through a Hollywood production. However, his dreams of getting away from the criminal world are dashed when it follows him to LA.

Romano is set to play Rick, a washed-up producer who becomes Miles' guide to the shark-infested waters of Hollywood. Fans of the movie will notice that O'Dowd's role is pretty similar to Travolta's Chili Palmer while Romano's Rick sounds very similar to Gene Hackman's part.