Back when Twin Peaks' gigantic cast was released, there was one name that should have been on the list.

Diehard fans of David Lynch's warped television series will know that there was a sequel-of-sorts with Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, a two-hour film that had a very small release and is, well, utterly nuts.

However, one of the big standouts of the film was David Bowie's involvement as one of the central characters - FBI Agent Phillip Jeffries. The film sees Bowie, in a Southern accent, stride into FBI headquarters and deliver a genuinely unnerving and baffling speech about... well, nobody's really sure. It's been theorised that David Bowie's character had some connection to the Black Lodge and BOB and all that weirdness, but nobody has a clue.

Anyway, in a recent interview, one of the original cast of Twin Peaks - Harry Goaz, who played Deputy Brennan - let it slip that David Bowie was due to take part in Showtime's revival of the show. Of course, with Bowie's recent passing, that's no longer the case.

Here's the scene in question with Bowie from Fire Walk With Me. If you can figure it out, seek psychiatric help or better still, explain it to us because we genuinely don't understand any of it.