Although she's been a regular fixture in Walford since 2000, Maureen 'Big Mo' Harris is leaving the tiles behind.

BBC confirmed to Digital Spy that Mo Harris, played by Laila Morse, is departing the role and the soap, but did seem to leave the door open that she might return at a later date. "Just like many occasions before, Big Mo will be departing Walford but as always she'll no doubt be back in the not too distant future," the statement read.

Morse first came into acting at the age of fifty-one when she was cast in 1998's 'Nil By Mouth', the directorial debut of her brother Gary Oldman. Morse's real name is Maureen Oldman, and took the stage name at the suggestion of Isabella Rosselini - yes, that Isabella Rosselini - who came up with the name as an anagram of 'Mia Sorella', or 'My Sister' in Italian.

The character, as mentioned, was first introduced in 2000 but became less of a regular guest from 2012 to 2016, before she was reintroduced from 2018 onwards. BBC have not yet confirmed when Big Mo's final scenes will be aired, nor is it clear if this is it for Laila Morse on the show. The most recent storylines had Mo and Kat running a cleaning business where she was stealing from employers.

Classic Mo Harris behaviour, to be honest.