Nowadays there are so many good TV shows out there it's impossible to keep up, so it's not often you will give yourself the time to go back and watch shows that have already finished up because, well, they're done, right? Well no, some shows are so good that they will never really be over and become embedded in pop culture references and discussions on TV forever more. So with that in mind, here are five TV shows you should really take the time to go back and watch, all of which you can easily find on Sky Box Sets too.



Let's be honest. Prison Break got a teensy bit convoluted towards the end, but it's worth sticking with - if for no other reason that William Fichtner's in it and he's great. The story follows Michael Scofield, a brilliant structural engineer whose brother has been sent to a federal prison for a crime he didn't commit. The plot twist is, of course, that Michael has A PLAN OF THE ENTIRE PRISON ON HIS BODY. Yes, completely covered from top to bottom. Harking back to serials such as The Fugitive, Prison Break's a great TV thriller with some real twists along the way.


Although it's dressed up as a biker gang, Sons of Anarchy is more closer to Shakespeare than Easy Rider. Charlie Hunnam plays the heir to a motorcycle club who's grown disillusioned with both the club itself and the life he leads. Over the course of the series, he pushes and pulls with the gang's President and his stepfather, Ron Perlman, as well as his scheming mother, Katey Sagal. There's a wealth of really cool guest stars along the way, including Henry Rollins, Courtney Love, Marilyn Manson and even David Hasselhoff turns up in one season. Lt. Mitch Buchanan! In a show about bikers! Amazing.


With the recent success of the Entourage film, it's easy to forget that Entourage was one of HBO's biggest shows and scored tons of awards and nominations. Following the life of fictional movie superstar Vincent Chase and his friends, Entourage was a window into the world of celebrity, the movie industry and more. As well as being uproariously funny thanks to the foul-mouthed tirades of his agent, Ari Gold, Entourage looked at our own view of celebrity culture and how it affects the people behind the spotlight.


Cancelled after just three seasons, Hannibal was one of the most inventive, visually stunning TV shows we're likely to see. Based loosely on the novels of Thomas Harris, the series kicked off with a young Hannibal Lecter who initially helps FBI profiler Will Graham investigate bizarre and grisly murders. As the series progresses, the relationship twists and becomes more warped and dangerous - with heavy casualties along the way. Frequently gory, genuinely disturbing, Hannibal is the single greatest horror TV series ever made. Bar none.


It's hard not to overstate just how groundbreaking and influential Mad Men was - both in terms of the stories covered, the talent behind the camera and the actors working behind it. Launching the career of Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks, Mad Men was effortlessly cool and fantastically shot. Hamm was riveting as Don Draper, a troubled advertising executive in '60s New York who is hiding a secret from his wife, his coworkers and from himself. It wasn't just him - the cast of characters, from PA-turned-copywriter Peggy Olson, scallywag director Roger Stirling to the chicanery of the office, Mad Men was one of television's highlights in the last decade.

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