Jack Quaid is the face of 'The Boys', one of the biggest shows on television, but the star has admitted he considered changing his name while starting out to avoid claims of nepotism.

Speaking to Thrillist, the star admitted that as a young actor he wanted to change his name to avoid being associated with his famous actor parents.

"I knew that people would constantly say, 'Oh, I know how he got that job, and they're still going to say that, it's fine."

"But as long as I knew how I got there, that would be enough."

Quaid declined his father's offer to let him use his agent when starting out, and was adamant to break into the industry on his own terms.

The 'Scream' star recalled that in one of his first auditions, he remembered a casting director was shocked that he was "actually really good."

"Her expectation was that he was just another nepotism case. A kid with some of the most famous parents on Earth would phone it in, assume the part was his by default, and "be a real asshole," he said.

Despite being the star of one of the most popular shows on television, the star admits "I'm a very anxious person."

"I think in the beginning, I was like, 'Oh, do people like me? Do they think that I'm just riding my parents' coattails?' and all this stuff. Then lately, I've been making an effort to focus on that less and just really trying to embrace this. Because you're only going to do this once. It's cool that I get to be in things that I genuinely would like to watch if I wasn't in them."

The son of Hollywood stars Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, the man who has brought Billy Joel fanboy Hughie Campbell to life on 'The Boys' had some observations from growing up in the public spotlight.

"I think they were famous in a time where it was scarier to be famous," the star said, and told Thrillist that paparazzi crowded on the roof of the hospital where he was born.

Despite the limelight, Quaid stated that he avoided the typical Hollywood upbringing.

"I had great friends growing up who are not what you would think of a typical LA kid, where they're all about status or popularity," he said, adding "my friends were the nerds."

The starlet is one of the many young Hollywood stars who have been cast in Christopher Nolan's World War 2 drama 'Oppenheimer'.

An avowed comic book and video game fan, Quaid said that during a break from filming, star Cillian Murphy approached the group and asked if anyone was interested in seeing 'The Batman', on which the irony was not lost on Quaid.

"It dawned on me. Scarecrow just asked me if I wanted to see Batman."

With 'The Boys' renewed for a 4th season after a record-breaking launch for season 3, we're sure to be seeing more of Quaid on our screens in the near future.