Last night's episode of 'Love Island' saw the long awaited arrival of the babies, which were dolls thankfully, but pretty loud ones. Some of the couples took to their new parental challenges like a duck to water, but others, eh, not so much. We're looking at you Josh.

One couple who were quite taken with their little one was of course Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer, who named their baby Kimberley Flo Fincham, nicknamed 'Kiki'.

The pair talked about their future together with Dani asking Jack if he would have a baby with her to which he said: "Yeah. I said that already. Not now, maybe when I’m about 30 odd. I think we’re going to be really good parents, don’t you?"

"When I’ve actually got a kid, I want to be a really fun parent. I want to do so much fun stuff. They’re never going to want for anything."

While Dani said she would like to have a close relationship with her child like she has with her mum: "I want her to just be able to tell me everything. How I am with my mum. I want her to be able to do whatever she’s done, be able to confide in me, and for me to always be able to give her the right advice."


The folks on Twitter just don't miss a trick though and baby Kiki had barely just arrived in the 'Love Island' world when she landed her very own account on the social media site last night.

Soon Prince Kavana Joshua Denzel got in on the action:

Although nobody was stealing the crown from Chris and Olivia's baby Cash from last year's series:

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