There's just something comforting in listening to someone with a Mancunian accent talking about getting smashed, right?

Upcoming 'House of the Dragon' star Olivia Cooke got so drunk with comedian Alan Carr the night before filming the HBO show that she woke up the next morning with a chipped tooth. We guess that's one way to enter the 'Game of Thrones' universe - more wine!

Cooke will take over from Emily Carey as Alicent Hightower in the final five episodes of the first season of the 'GOT' prequel series. Episode six will jump forward 10 years, and will also see Emma D'Arcy take over from Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra Targaryen. It's like HBO's version of 'The Crown' essentially, except this series has a few more dragons and incestuous happenings.

Cooke, who is originally from Oldham outside Manchester, joined Jimmy Kimmel on his chat show last night and chatted about being part of HBO Max's biggest-ever show, revealing a few hilarious anecdotes. First up, she lied about watching 'Game of Thrones' and being a big fan of the series in order to get the part of Alicent.

Next, she reveals that she ended up getting smashed with comedian Alan Carr the night before beginning filming and fell on her face, chipping a front tooth. It turns out she's still got a chipped tooth, even after getting it fixed, because she chomped down on a rather crusty baguette just last week and it happened all over again.

There's something incredibly likeable about the star, so hopefully the transition from one Alicent Hightower to another won't be too jarring for 'HOTD' audiences next week.

The 'Bates Motel' and 'Sound of Metal' star sounds like a hoot, with comedic moments coming naturally to her, but the actor sticks mostly to tense and compelling drama in her day job. However, she has starred in a couple of comedy-led productions in the Irish film 'Pixie' and also opposite Andrew Scott in an episode of John Carney's 'Modern Love'.

Here's Olivia Cooke chatting about that drunk moment with Kimmel.

'House of the Dragon' continues on Sky Atlantic and NOW every Monday.