In the past week, Paige Thorne has been opening up about her very public, very "muggy" split from ex-boyfriend Adam Collard, whom she fell for over the summer during their time in the villa on 'Love Island'.

Last week, Paige Thorne spilt the tea on the 'Saving Grace' podcast by detailing what really happened during her breakup with Adam Collard. Honestly, it was worse than we ever imagined.

When a video of Collard cuddling up to a young woman in a McDonalds went viral and raised some eyebrows, it wasn't until fans sent Paige other videos that haven't made it into the public eye yet that she knew the relationship was over.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan UK Paige shared that even before the relationship was over, Collard began ghosting her, "It got to maybe the third day [of his trip to Bali] and he started being really shady on text. He wasn't texting me back".

She continued, "He would leave me on ‘read’ for the entire day. My own boyfriend literally ghosted me. So I said, ‘When you’ve got five minutes, I’d really appreciate a phone call.’ He was like, ‘We do need a phone call, but I’ve got a party to go to and I wanna be in the right frame of mind for it".

When Thorne suggested that she was back in contact with villa-ex Jacques, the internet went mad, but she told Cosmopolitan UK, "Let’s not forget how this boy done me in Casa [Amor]. Obviously, we had a vibe in there. But he done me over. D**khead. Fine. But we’re just going to see where things go. I am in zero rush to be with a man because men are trash".

As much as Thorne has probably had her heart broken, she looks absolutely stunning lately, especially on the NTAs red carpet. As Ms Swift might say, "lately [she's] been dressin' for revenge".

What do you think of the scandal?