You may remember him from some big screen hits like Shattered Glass, Jarhead, Knight and Day and An Education, but soon you'll be seeing Peter Sarsgaard (otherwise known as Mr Maggie Gyllenhaal) on the small screen. That's Saarsgard, not Skarsgard, there isn't ANOTHER one of them floating about.

Anyway, The Killing will mark the first time this fella's done anything major on d'telly and, in typical Saarsgard form, he won't be doing it by halves. Entertainment Weekly reports that he'll be a death row inmate by the name of Tom Seward.

"A lifelong convict born into poverty and crime, Seward’s been in and out of the system for violent crimes since he was 10. Not ever wanting to appear weak, every interaction is a challenge, and one he must dominate”, the blurb reads.

And indeed it seems to set the tone for Season 3, which will apparently see Sarah Linden getting dragged back into the life she thought she'd left behind. Her ex-partner comes across a gruesome string of murders that just so happen to be linked to one of Linden's previous investigations.

Saarsgard's awfully good at playing creepy, shady characters so we can only imagine that his character has something to do with it all. One thing is certain though: The producers and the lads over at AMC certainly have made a killing with the casting.