You'll know them best as Vinny from Home and Away and Stacey Slater's hot older brother Sean from EastEnders, but now that they're making it big in the States, Ryan Kwanten and Rob Kazinsky are getting their kit off. Together.

Kwanten's been starring as Jason Stackhouse on True Blood for quite some time now, but Kazinsky has recently joined the cast as a possible love interest for Anna Paquin's Sookie. It seems poor old Rob has been freezing his backside off on the set though, because he's spent most of him time filming in the nip.

Anyway, Rob was on ITV's Daybreak this morning when he revealed that his nude scenes are really rather varied, with one of them even featuring the former Home and Away star. "[There's] a romantic scene with me and Ryan Kwanten where we're both naked" he revealed. "That was an intimidating thing to do, especially with people who have Hollywood bodies!".

And at that, this here picture of Vinny just popped into our heads. Hilarious.

Catch Rob in True Blood Season 6 on FOX this autumn.