Released thirty years ago this weekend, Willow's one of those films that you saw probably way too young and was definitely as disturbing as you remember.

Case in point - the scene where the evil queen Bavmorda, played by the brilliantly hammy Jean Marsh, turns the army outside her black castle into pigs. Anyway, a television adaptation has been mooted for some time and while there hasn't been much in the way of movement yet, Ron Howard told us in our interview with him that he's still holding out hope for it.

"I really hope we can make it happen and make it work, Warwick's such a good guy," said Howard. The film was a modest critical and commercial success, but gathered up a cult following in the intervening years and has since become a high-fantasy staple.

Originally conceived by George Lucas back before he wrote Star Wars, Howard was brought just after he'd completed work on Cocoon. The Howard-Lucas connection obviously continued, as Howard is in the director's chair for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Our full interview with Howard - and the rest of the cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story - will be online later this week.