Seeing as how some true crime documentaries are so bizarre as to think they're fictional, this one seems kind of odd.

'The Staircase', that bizarre Netflix documentary about the murder trial involving a man who claimed his wife fell down a flight of stairs, is now being turned into a TV series. Harrison Ford, no less, is involved in both a leading role and as a producer.

It's not yet known what role Ford will play, but it will mark the first time in 41 years - that's right, FORTY ONE years - since Ford has had a regular role in a TV series. In fact, his last live-action TV acting job was the infamous 'Star Wars Holiday Special' in 1978.

As mentioned, it's not yet known who Ford will be playing, but our money is on him playing David Rudolf, the lawyer who was involved in the defence of Michael Peterson. That said, you could just as easily see him playing Michael Peterson. After all, he's got extensive experience playing a guy framed of murdering his wife.

Currently, the series is in the very early stages, with the whole thing currently being shopped to different TV studios and streaming services. The likelihood, of course, is that Netflix will pick the whole thing up seeing as how they were so involved with 'The Staircase' documentary series.

The as-yet untitled series has no air date as of yet.