The more popular Game of Thrones has become, the better the cast have been at keeping plot details under wraps. 

During the hiatus between season five and six for example, when the world wanted to know the fate of Jon Snow, they gave a masterclass in deferring questions away. 

However the people over at Yahoo thought that they may have found away around the wall of ice the cast have erected around them by organising a game called 'two truths and a lie'

Basically the game consisted of asking each cast member to make one false and two true statements about season 6. Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Liam Cunningham, Isaac Hampstead-Wright (Bran) and Dean-Charles Chapman (Tommen) all took part in the game. 

We should probably point out at this stage that while it's possible all of the statements that they made are lies, it is possible that they played the game in good faith. In which case they may have revealed season 6 spoilers. So if you want to watch the rest of the season spoiler free then we advise you to look away now

So Chapman and Hampstead-Wright decided to play it safe and only talk about set details rather than plot points. Cunningham on the other hand made a balls of it and just made one statement which he said was true. According to Ser Davos, one character "will be silenced, that's a truth". 

It's when the Stark sisters, Turner and Williams played the game that things got VERY INTERESTING. 

Turner said the following: 

1. "Ramsay dies."

2. "Lady Stoneheart returns."

3. "Arya checks three people off her list."

Williams meanwhile had this to say: 

1. "Arya goes back to Westeros, back over the sea."

2. "Arya has been in the trailer more times than people have realised because they don't realise it's her."

3. "Arya doesn't cross any more names of her list."


Right so needless to say this is kind of HUGE (assuming they're being truthful that is). Looking firstly at Turner' statements. If Ramsay dies then that's arguably Game of Thrones' most hated character getting his comeuppance. 

Could Lady Stoneheart (the resurrected Catelyn Stark) be finally making the appearance fans of the book have been waiting for?

Or else is Arya going to cross three names off her list? In which case we could see several Game of Thrones villains get their just desserts this season. 

As for Williams' statements we find it a lot easier to believe she's being truthful about two of them. If we were to pick we think that Arya WILL return to Westeros this season (her training is coming along nicely and that storyline has kind of dragged out a little too much) and that she probably IS in the trailer more than we realise. 

If that's the case then her false statement ties in nicely with Turner's assertion that Arya crosses off three names from her list. 

Needless to say the last six episodes of this season could be very eventful and after the dramatic events of this week's episode it's very much full steam ahead.